He was at the top of his game before a might downfall, but now he’s a Masters champion again.

Tiger Woods rallied to win the Masters for the fifth time Sunday, and it’s a comeback story for the history books. “WOOOOOOO!!!” Woods screamed as he headed for the scoring room with chants of “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger” echoing as loud as any of the roars on the back nine at Augusta National.

Woods shot a two-under 70 in Sunday’s final round of the 2019 Masters Tournament, defeating Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Xander Schauffele by one stroke to win his fifth championship at Augusta National. It’s Woods’ first major championship since the 2008 U.S. Open and his first green jacket since 2005. He is the second-oldest Masters winner in history, behind only Nicklaus’ 1986 masterpiece.

It had been 14 years since that green jacket was slipped over his Sunday red shirt. The obstacles Woods went through over the last 11 years, some self-created and others not, would have been enough to break any human being. His personal life fell apart on a Thanksgiving night months after his 2008 U.S. Open win, and his life became TMZ fodder. A DUI arrest, a sex scandal, and three back surgeries left him unsure whether he would ever play the sport that made him once seem invincible.

Tiger’s perseverance to succeed or to never quit is a prime example of an incredible person. To be great takes heart and hard work, and Tiger has demonstrated this trait throughout his career, even when everyone counted him out.

Congrats to this man for being incredible!